______Rhythm__N __Motion______

Rhythm  N  Motion

Rhythm N Motion Dance Company is a community of passionate dancers whose souls are in tune with the rhythms of the African Diaspora. Their aim is to increase campus awareness of contemporary genres of dance such as hip-hop, jazz, and dancehall. The company is rooted in promoting the dances of the African Diaspora, but has since branched out to celebrate all underrepresented dance forms and the boundless creative energy of our student choreographers. We present our work to the Tri-co campuses through our main-stage show at the end of each semester, and we always look forward to the incredible sense of community that comes with having the schools cheer us on; we work our hardest to put on an entertaining and varied full-length show. Furthermore, RnM hosts community workshops and small-scale performances for the greater community regularly throughout the year.

Founder: Jumatatu Poe ’04

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