Posted by Miles Skorpen on April 6th, 2008


The Lounge was acquired by Psi Phi in Fall, 2006. Prior to this time, both the storage room and lounge were combined in George, a space at the top of Parrish near the offices of the Phoenix. All members of Psi Phi are given access to the Lounge, and thus to its resources:

The Psi Phi Lounge is the premier Science Fiction and Fantasy library in TriCo. It contains hundreds of books, including several rare first edition hardcovers. Most of these books are stored in the Psi Phi lounge, however some are kept in the storage room due to space concerns and security. The Presidents and Librarian are working to create an online searchable database of the available books. All books can be borrowed as lon as they are returned at a later date.

Psi Phi was given a large number of comic books by the Swarthmore library system. This collection has yet to be sorted, but it does hold some potent graphic novels created by the premier modern writers.

Gaming Materials
The Lounges holds a large collection of role-playing gaming material including rule books, dice, miniatures, wet-erase pens, and battle mats. Books are usually NOT the property of Psi Phi–if you do use them, make sure to treat them especially carefully and avoid any kind of damage to the books. Some of the books, and most of the other materials were donated through the generosity of past Psi Phi members including Eliza Blair ’07, Jamison ’08, Miles Skorpen ’09, Alex Psheshiken (sp?) ’07, and many more.

The Psi Phi lounge contains a computer running OSX and a copy of Shakespeer to distribute files created by Swarthmore students. This computer can also be used to run small, temporary web pages and access notes while running RPGs.

Board Games
Psi Phi is working to create a library of board games. Money was first given by SBC in Spring, 2007 budgeting to start our purchases.

Psi Phi was given a projector by SCCS in the Fall of 2007.


The Psi Phi storage room is used to store Psi Phi’s 1500 super soakers, hundreds of foam swords, ‘Dactyl hunt costumes, archival materials, and more books, comics, and records. Access is only granted to the Presidents.


Psi Phi runs a collection of mailing lists from the SCCS servers.
These lists include:

[NEWS] — Low Traffic
Minutes are sent out via this list, once a week.

[FUN] — High Traffic
Discussion of any events relevant to Psi Phi members

[EVENTS] — Medium Traffic
Planning list for events including the Dactyl Hunt, Super Soaker CTF, and BEM.

[Social] — Medium Traffic
Discussion of random social events and get togethers