Posted by Miles Skorpen on April 6th, 2008

The Presidents of the Apocalypse

Presidents are elected by the members of Psi Phi at the end of every Fall semester. Presidents usually run as part of 2-3 person tickets, and are selected by majority vote. There are no run-off votes.

* Will “Death” Hopkins ’11
* Orion “Famine” Sauter ’11
* Rachael “War” Mansbach ’11

The Treasurer
The treasurer communicates with SBC, collects receipts for individual reimbursement, writes Psi Phi’s annual budget, and attends Spring Budgeting. The treasurer is appointed at the discretion of the Co-Presidents.

* Orion Sauter ’11

The Librarian
The librarian is responsible for maintaining the books in the club’s library and cataloging donations. This position is also appointed by the Co-Presidents.

* Orion Sauter ’11

BEM Editor(s)
The BEM editor(s) is (are) responsible for getting articles, finding artwork, and designing the magazine.

* Rachael Mansbach ’11