Posted by Miles Skorpen on April 6th, 2008


Presidential Inauguration
Early every spring, the presidents selected the previous semester are inaugurated into the office.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Every Valentine’s day, Psi Phi members re-enact a famous mob shooting. Trench-coat wearing, cap-gun wielding gangsters file into Sharples and execute a hit…

Magical Mystery Tour
When the weather finally turns warm, groups of Swatties are led around Swarthmore’s campus to find hidden places, like the lighting grid, the roof of Papazian, and others.

Ride the Tide Activities Fair
We try to indoctrinate the next generation.

Super Soaker CTF
With 150 super soakers, 150 pinnies, and three flags, Swarthmore students battle it out across campus.

An annual telling of scary stories in this German celebration.

Schlock Film Festival
Psi Phi shows some of the very best very bad movies.

Geek Week
The first big event of the year, Psi Phi joins with other clubs to throw a big party and a dozen small events including Cookies and Characters, board gaming, Magic: The Gathering Tournaments, and more.

Ren Faire & PhilCon
Train loads of Swatties head out to these annual celebrations.

Pterodactly Hunt
Psi Phi’s most famous event. Hundreds of Swarthmore students dash around campus with foam swords, hunting down groups of monsters.

Psi Phi throws an all-night party to celebrate Halloween and to let people escape ML.

Psi Phi also sponsors speakers, runs parties, hosts a major Reunion every four years, and gets t-shirts for its members.