Posted by Miles Skorpen on April 6th, 2008

The bylaws of Psi Phi are laid out in our school-recognized Charter.
The current charter was drafted by Miles Skorpen ’09 in May of 2007.

Psi Phi’s Mission Statement
Psi Phi is the newest incarnation of the Swarthmore Warders of Imaginative Literature. As such, it is one of the oldest clubs at Swarthmore and offers a staggering array of activities, events, and resources for the Swarthmore student body. These include a library in Parrish with thousands of science fiction/fantasy novels, comic books, RPG manuals, and magazines, multiple movie showings every semester, a lounge for weekly gaming, the famed Pterodactyl Hunt, and (most recently) a gigantic game of capture the flag with super-soakers. Psi Phi is designed to facilitate any science-fiction/fantasy related entertainment activity our members can think of.

Meetings and Events
Psi Phi holds weekly meetings in Sharples Room 4. During these meetings future Psi Phi events are discussed as well as other interesting events both on Swarthmore’s campus and off. Events hosted by Psi Phi include the Schlock Film Festival, the Pterodactyl Hunt, trips to the Philadelphia Rennaissance Faire, the Root Beer Kegger, capture the flag, the Magical Mystery Tour, and All Hallows Eve. Psi Phi also runs a large library and offers a gaming space to a large number of gaming groups on Swarthmore’s campus. The organization puts out the annual science-fiction and fantasy literary magazine Bug Eyed Magazine.

Any Tri-Co student my become a member of Psi Phi by attending three consecutive meetings and requesting to be officially added to our member rolls. Members are allowed to vote for Psi Phi movies, help organize the Schlock Film Festival, and vote for the Co-Presidents. Any member may choose to offer a “proof” of sentience and are then “dis-membered.” Only dis-membered members of Psi Phi are permitted to run for the office of Co-President.

Organizational Structure
Psi Phi is led by a team of Co-Presidents, ranging from 2-3 individuals. The Co-Presidents set the agenda at meetings, organize events, and keep records as necessary. Psi Phi records are kept in our storage space in Parrish. A new set of Co-Presidents is elected from among the dis-membered members at the end of each Fall semester for a two semester term. Psi Phi also has a treasurer who communicates with SBC, collects receipts for individual reimbursement, writes Psi Phi’s annual budget, and attends Spring Budgeting. The treasurer is appointed at the discretion of the Co-Presidents. Finally, Psi Phi has a librarian who is responsible for maintaining the books in the club’s library and cataloging donations. This position is also appointed by the Co-Presidents (and usually taken from their number.)

Psi Phi requires funds for supplies to help facilitate our numerous events, for movie rentals, to publish the Bug Eyed Magazine, and other miscellaneous purposes. The annual budget, with BEM, is around 1,000, although the club also makes a mid-year SAC proposal to fund the Root Beer Kegger.