Minutes of 2.10 — of Specs!


4/26 Magical Mystery Tour [Delayed due to Krunk]
4/26 Walpurgisnacht [Mulligan is organizing — email and remind people]
5/3 Super Soaker CTF
5/5-5/10 Schlock Showings

Super Soaker CTF
Lots of prop
Possibly changing the location the CTF

A while ago we voted on
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Battlefield Earth
Sword of the Valiant
We thought LXG was too good. So instead… ZARDOZ!

Board gaming
Thursday night
Starting at 9:30
Parrish Parlors

Geek Week
Cookies and Characters
Board Gaming
Magic the Gathering Draft
Party Before Time (something similar … Party at the End of the Universe)
Other Clubs
Anime Club
LAN Party


Rachel won the lottery prize! It will come when she doesn’t expect it and destroy her life. HAH.


Cantatrix @ 5pm in Belltower. THERE WILL BE FOOD!

Dustin has a play @ 2pm and 8pm in Olde Club.

We should play wiffleball!

Showing Super High Me on 4/20 tomorrow (to celebrate.)

Turkish Star Wars tonight @ 7:30 in Sci 101

Gates of Fire camp out fighting for Dagorhir
Email David Stifler
Departure @ 11am on Friday morning


David “[Insert year]” Edelman
Orion “Null Pointer Exception” Sauter
Rachel “Nick thinks I’m a vampire” Mansbach
Nicholas “Rachel is clearly undead” LaRacuente
Jimmy “I, hear in my mind. All of those voices.” Kong
Margaret “Confused & bewildered” Cosgriff
The David Stifler
Emmanuelle “Meep” Wambach
Eric “I can’t believe I read the whoooooole thing” Mulligan
Venger “The Construct” Jamison
Miles the Scrorpion

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