(1) New website URL: http://orgs.sccs.swarthmore.edu/psiphi
It is now running on WP MU

(2) Kegger! It will be on April 5th in Olde Club. Chris Gagne will be one of the DJs and we have a ridiculous amount of beer. Diana Pozo will give Emmanuelle music from WIZARD ROCK BANDS.

(3) The Lords of the Rhymes should be getting back to us shortly. Hopefully.

(4) Magical Mystery Tour on April 19th, probably.

(5) Ride the Tide is the 17th-18th. We’ll be doing craziness.

(6) Super Soaker CTF will be on 5/3. Yay!

(7) Someone must volunteer to run Walpurgisnacht. We have no idea how to do it. HELP US. WHAT DAY IS IT! AHHRHRHRHGHGHRHGHRHGH. Since the dates suck, we’ll do it on the 26th. Of April.

(8) Schlock nominations DUE NEXT WEEK
Thus far:
Sword of the Valiant
Animated Hobbit
Santa’s Slay
Dungeons & Dragons
Howard the Duck
Masters of the Universe
Hawk the Slayer
Mortal Kombat II
Battlefield Earth

(9) Psi Phi movie is seeing THREE HUNDRED PERCENT increase in attendance. Holy fuck. Orion has done an awesome job. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Non Stuff Business

Malcolm won some cheese. Eric won some heartwood.
Next Saturday @ 7:30 is a Contra. And the next weekend is the LAX Conference.
Super Smash Brothers

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There’s info on Walpurgisnacht at http://wiki.swil.org/index.php/Walpurgisnacht

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