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GREENmarch 2011 is here! Be sure to check out our events for the month, listed below:

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Earth Action Week!

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Earth Action Week continues tomorrow (October 25, 2010)!

Schedule of events:

MONDAY 10/25
9:30 PM – Mountain Justice Open Forum in Kohlberg 115
– Come learn about mountaintop removal activism from Swatties who traveled to West Virginia


7:00 PM -Documentary Film Screening in Sci Center 101
– Join us in the viewing of several short documentaries dealing with environmental issues facing the Asia Pacific.

4:30 PM – Marcellus Shale Panel in Kohlberg 116
– Prof. Collings, Prof. Nackenoff, Jenn Medeiros, & Lori Barkin
– Learn and ask questions about hydrofracking in Pennsylvania

4:15-7:00 PM – Greening the Rust Belt: Urban Agriculture and Food Security in Detroit and Philadelphia, in LPAC Cinema
– Panel on the challenges faced by each city’s green movement, consisting of Malik Yakini of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, Mike Score of Hantz Farms, Randall Fogelman of Eastern Market Co., and Lisa Mosca of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
7:00 PM – Informal discussion with the panelists about urban agriculture issues in Kohlberg 115

FRIDAY 10/29
3:30-7:00 PM – Fallapalooza! w/Green Advisors on Parrish Beach
– Delicious apple cider (bring your own mug!)
– REAL flying vampire bat power strips!
– Pumpkin carving
– Bobbing for apples
– Face painting

8:00 PM – Green Iron Chef in Shane Lounge
– Green cooking competition featuring squash!
– Questions? Email or

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First Earthlust meeting!

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The first EARTHLUST meeting of the semester will be Monday (tomorrow) at 9:30 pm in Science Center 101 and we hope to see YOU there!

Join us to:
-learn about Earthlust and other green groups on campus
-meet other Swatties who are interested in environmentalism/environmental justice/sustainability
-discuss YOUR ideas for Earthlust this year!



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Scientists Are The New Rockstars w/ VJ Scott Beibin!!!!!!

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Monday, April 26 – 7 PM – Science Center 101

Celebrate Earth Week with Earthlust and Kitao Gallery! Participate in a one-of-a-kind live multimedia spectacle exploring the fuzzy and quarky lines between hard science, social science, and metaphysics with hands-on examples of environmentally sustainable art and technologies.

Through storytelling and an immersive audio/video experience VJ Scott Beibin of the Lost Film Fest presents a holistic ‘how-to’ and ‘who’s-who’ of postmodern innovation. Topics covered in the SATNR laboratory include eco-retrofitting, appropriate power generation, evolved transportation, creative re-use, treasure from trash, architectural re-think, reverse engineering, mutant and indigenous technologies, urban permaculture, communication hacking, egalitarian social theory, sacred geometry, and much much more.

Inspiration for the project is drawn from cross-cultural generations of scientist rockstars such as Buckminster Fuller, Vandana Shiva, Theo Jansen, and Mitchell Joachim to name a few.

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GREENmarch week 3!

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Monday, March 22:

Local Foods panel discussion: Join us for a panel discussion with members of the Philadelphia community involved in local food about the importance, development, and potential of the local foods movement. Refreshments will be served.

Kohlberg 116. 5:00 pm.

Tuesday, March 23:

Guest lecture by the Baltimore Development Cooperative: The Baltimore Development Cooperative (BDC) is an interdisciplinary practice that uses art, research and activism to critically engage with public space and the urban environment.  Join GREENmarch for a lecture and discussion this Tuesday the 23rd to hear about some of their recent work!  co-sponsored by the department of Art and the Public Policy Program.

LPAC cinema. 4:30 pm.

Wednesday, March 24:

Guest lecture, Tina Johnson: Tina Johnson, founder of the Chester Co-op and candidate for State Representative, will speak on urban food access, community health and wellness, and her run for political office.

Kohlberg 228. 7 pm.

Saturday, March 27:

Panel featuring Dean Spade, Andrea Ritchie, and members of the SOS Collective: Come hear about how people are organizing to fight violence against queer and trans people without relying on hate crimes legislation and other measures that result in increased policing and incarceration.

Scheuer Room, 3:30 pm.

Sunday, March 28:

Bike Share Philadelphia lecture: Russell Meddin of Bike Share Philadelphia will speak on the development of bike share programs, the different types of programs, and how a program could serve the community.

Kohlberg 228. 1 pm.

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GREENmarch this week!

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Events for this week are:

– Conservation in Alaska lecture. 4:30 pm in Kohlberg 228.

– Screening of “Black Diamonds”, about mountaintop removal. George Lakey and EQAT will lead discussion after. 7pm in Sci 101.

– Good Food seed planting parlor party. Shane lounge, 9pm.
– Sharples takeover!

– Compost tour. 1:30 pm, meet at Facilities.

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GREENmarch is here!

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By recognizing that “environment” encompasses where we live, work, and play, GREENmarch 2010 aims to foster cross-collaboration and dialogue between diverse student groups and academic disciplines to highlight the intersectional and interdisciplinary nature of environmental justice and sustainability. Through events, speakers, film, panels, discussions, and art, we wish to:

  • Open up dialogue on environmental issues on Swarthmore’s campus
  • Bring in inspiring individuals and organizations to raise awareness about exciting efforts going on, locally to internationally.
  • Offer ways individuals can work toward environmental justice.

Events for GREENmach 2010 are beginning! This week’s schedule:

Sunday February 28:

1:00pm – Earth Quaker Action Team leads a protest of mountaintop removal at the International Flower Show in Philadelphia. Come join!

Contact wnakhod1 for more information

Monday March 2nd:

11:00am – Protest at the EPA Office in Philadelphia against pending approval of mountaintop removal permits.

Contact wnakhod1 for more information

Wednesday March 3rd:

7:00pm – Alternative Menstrual Product Workshop in the WRC. All those curious, skeptical, or already converted welcome!

Contact hjones4 for more information

Thursday March 4th:

7:00pm – Screening of “Home” in LPAC. Come eat good food and watch a stunning portrayal of the Earth from a bird’s-eye view.

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Tri-Co Haiti Charity Ball

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Friday, February 26, 6:00 – 8:00 PM, Upper Tarble

The Swarthmore College Coalition for a Free Haiti will be hosting a Charity Ball open to the public to raise money for Haiti relief and educate the public about the richness of Haitian culture and history. There will be great food from local vendors, speakers, art, and fun. Stay tuned for specifics about the program!

The event is semiformal!!


$5 Suggested Minimum Donation. All proceeds will go to Haiti Community Support.

*We hear that the Charity Ball will be using compostable dishware and metal cutlery from Sharples, as well as providing compost bins!

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GREENmarch 2010

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Get Ready…

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Green Advisor Digest: Week of January 25, 2010

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What is the Renewable Fund for Resource Conservation?

Formerly known as the Green Revolving Fund, the RFRC consists of a $43,000 surplus from Student Council that the student body voted to make into a self-renewing fund for green projects on campus that will pay back over time. The fund has been passed into the custody of the Sustainability Committee (a committee of administrators, staff, faculty, and students who make recommendations for improving environmental sustainability on campus). The RFRC initiatives were voted on and passed unanimously.

What is going on with the Renewable Fund for Resource Conservation?!?

  • Priority 1:  $5500 for Organic Lawn Care for the 5 acres of lawn between Mertz and McGill Walk.  Estimated payback time: 8 years but with vendor participation and help from student groups, may be shorter.  Funding would provide $3000 for soil testing and planning with a consultant, and $2500 for the marginal increase in costs over the first 2 years.
  • Priority 2:  $10,000 toward replacement of 6-watt decorative lamps in the “Wagon Wheel” architectural fixtures in Sharples Dining Hall with 1.9-watt LED lamps.  Estimated payback time 5.5 years based on electricity saved, bulb replacement costs, and labor. 
  • Priority 3:  $10,000 toward replacement of T-12, 40-watt fluorescent lamps with 28-watt T-8 bulbs in fixtures all over campus.  Estimated payback time:  less than 2 years based on electricity savings.
  • Priority 4:  $3,000 toward installation of light-sensing switches in hallways/foyer areas with large window openings.  The hall lights would turn on when natural light fell below a set threshold.  Payback time is estimated at several years, but would depend on location.  This allocation should fund approximately 12 such installations, which performance can be tracked as an experiment.
  • Priority 5:  $5,000 toward installation of occupancy sensors/switches in bathrooms.  Bathrooms that either have no light switch or have lights that are often left on will be first to be retrofitted with occupancy sensors. Estimated payback time:  3 years

Interested in what the Sustainability Committee is up to? There is an open meeting on Wednesday, January 10, 8:30-9:30 AM in Sharples.

Two Reminders:

  • There is a $0.10 discount if you use your own cup for coffee at a coffee bar
  • Remember to bring your own water bottles for your bag lunches!

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