West Point 2014
Round 4: Swarthmore Nerd Herd (Jodie Goodman & Will Meyer) def. AU A (Dan Cobos & Kurt Girard): You are in the world of the movie “The Truman Show”, do you let Truman out of his bubble? Opp chose no.

Yale IV 2013
Finals: Bates BS def. Swarthmore OM (Griffin Olmstead & David Mok-Lammé), Hart House GG, and Hart House TF: It should be possible to pardon individuals convicted of treason by national referendum

Bryn Mawr 2013
Finals: NYU/Wellesley (Shomik Ghosh & Claudia Yau) def. Swarthmore A (Griffin Olmstead & David Mok-Lammé): You are Dorian Gray. [Insert 5 minutes of background here.] Do you show your magical picture containing your soul to your friends or not, caveating that they will have ongoing access to the painting as it becomes more hideous over time? Opp chose to show

Franklin & Marshall 2013
Quarterfinals: Swarthmore A (Andrew Waks & David Mok-Lammé) def. Syracuse CK (Samm Costello & David Kopel): You’re an atheist, given the opportunity to magically become religious, do so

TCNJ 2013
Quarterfinals: NYU/Syracse (Shomik Ghosh  & David Kopel) def. Swarthmore A (Andrew Waks & David Mok-Lammé): Potential welfare recipients ought not be drug tested and excluded if they fail

Boston University 2013
Quarterfinals: Syracuse A (David Kopel & Samm Costello) def. Swarthmore A (Andrew Waks & David Mok-Lammé): The US should not provide copyrights or patents to the makers of fashion designs

Rutgers 2013
Quarterfinals: Swarthmore Yahtzee (Griffin Olmstead & Jodie Goodman) def. Syracuse/Brandeis Kant Sandwich A (David Kopel & Keith Barry): Kantian deontology is a better moral philosophy than hedonistic act utilitarianism

Brandeis IV 2012
Semifinals: Vermont SW v. Yale KW v. Bates BS v. NYU/Swat Hybrid (Shomik Ghosh & Griffin Olmstead): This house would compel religious institutions to conduct same sex marriages

Princeton 2012
Quarterfinals: GW/BU (Alex Taubes & Adam Drucker) def. Swarthmore A (Andrew Waks & Linnet Davis-Stermitz): This house would require increased labor and environmental standards as a condition of trade agreements with poor countries

West Point 2012
Semifinals: Yale BZ (Zach Bakal & Joanna Zheng) def. Swarthmore A (Andrew Waks & David Mok-Lamme): The average American college student should be a vegetarian

Wesleyan Nationals 2012
Quarterfinals: Yale CF (Kate Falkenstien & Nick Cugini) def. Swarthmore DW (Andrew Waks & Linnet Davis-Stermitz): Do not evict drug criminals from public housing projects

Octafinals: Swarthmore DW (Andrew Waks & Linnet Davis-Stermitz) def. LMU A (Krikor Kouyoumdjian & James Kilcup): Allow the wrongfully imprisoned to sue the state