Here are some selected rounds involving debaters from Swarthmore. If you would like to see more videos of APDA or BP debate, please visit:

Above: Peaslee debaters Nate Urban ’18 and Miriam Pierson ’18 compete at the World Championships

Nationals 2017 Quarterfinals: AU OS (Frankie Orrico and Julie Scott) v. Swarthmore MP (Will Meyer and Miriam Pierson): In 2014, the Russian Government should invaded to take back the ISIS controlled oil fields in Syria.

Stanford 2017 Octofinals: Yales HS (Miles Saffran and Jim Huang) v. Swarthmore A (Nate Urban and Miriam Pierson): TH, as the state, would actively criminally prosecute copyright infringement against minority artists.

Yale IV 2016 Finals: OG-Swarthmore (Will Meyer and Miriam Pierson), OO-Harvard, CG-Stanford, CO-Bates: This house believes in God.

West Point 2014 Round 4: Swarthmore Nerd Herd (Jodie Goodman and Will Meyer) def. AU A (Dan Cobos and Kurt Girard): You are in the world of the movie “The Truman Show”, do you let Truman out of his bubble? Opp chose no.