2/5 Class – Possible Site spots and Brainstorming

Back in the third week of the semester, the class was attempting to decide where a new honey bee colony should be placed on campus. Using The Beekeeper’s Handbook as a guide, we discussed which properties of a potential site were most valuable to us. Some key properties were having a higher elevation than the road around it, being near nectar and pollen sources, and being close to fresh water. The class decided that the water source could also just be a plastic or glass container filled with water, which would serve just as well as the Crum Creek.

We brainstormed several possible sites: Next to the Good Food garden, behind the Science Center (near DuPont parking lot), in the Crum woods close to campus, in the Pollinator garden between Martin and Cornell Library. We decided that the preliminary spot will be in the P0llinator garden (this would later change), but we would check with Grounds about where they would be comfortable with us having a bee hive.


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